10 Wonder Beaches of Quezon Province That You’ve Never Heard Of

If you are living in the ever-busy world of Manila or perhaps, you’re located at one of the progressive cities located in CALABARZON and you’re aching for a fancy vacation but is either limited in time or constrained by financial resources to make it to places such as the divine waters of Siquijor or world class beaches of El Nido in Palawan, worry no more for we have Quezon province to solve all your wrinkling concerns away!

The beaches found in Quezon province, least to say is not only alternative to the top renowned white and pure sand beaches in the Philippines but also could serve its visitors parallel if not better as to what the other better acclaimed fancy places could provide! Yes, you’ve read it clear and precise.

Moreover, to provide you a comprehensive review that you could utilize as your guide for your next vacay- a must-be refreshing time for you and your loved ones, here is a list of the top beaches in Quezon and what it can provide you with. Brace yourselves for in few moments, we’re about to explore the wonders that you might never had heard yet of: The 10 Wonder Beaches of Quezon Province!


10. Alabat Island

Alabat Island is located at Lamon Bay in Alabat, Quezon but the navigation will be much easier with it being labeled as the beach situated near Atimonan, Quezon (which is a popular place known by almost everyone by both the locals and transport groups). Since it is facing Pacific ocean, you will have a chance to see the clear view of milky way during the night which finds it very interesting for the campers to spend a night or two just for star gazing.

If you’re looking for the right place filled with the right people exactly at the utmost perfect time it could ever be visited, Alabat Island is nothing but the one that’s best suited for the said purpose. Elaborating the said, Alabat Island is the right place as a gift to yourself as it provides a cool and quiet surrounding that would suit well everyone’s taste. Secondly, filled with right people because the locals here are known not only for their hospitability but incredibly, also for their friendliness and genuine kindness. Lastly, now is the perfect time for your visit because as of now, Alabat Island is not that crowded and commercialized yet- which means that its beauty is most probably still at its peak preserved stated, sure to stun you in you even in the first glimpse.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, how Alabat Island is a heaven-graced beauty to the humanity! Filipinos are indeed blessed by the nature, may each of them be responsible enough to take good care of those and not to end up exploiting it!


9. Borawan Beach

This may be a bit absurd to say but among the least spoiled places, this one is the most famous. Nonetheless, given its beauty, that indeed is the best way to state the truth of it.

Borawan is found at Barangay Lipata, Borawan in Padre Burgos, Quezon. If there is something that ticks in your brain whenever the name of the beach is pronounced, it is because that is how Borawan’s name giver had intended things to be. In fact, Borawan is named after a word play of the most famous islands in the Philippines, the Boracay and Palawan Island respectively. This derivation of the name Borawan for this island is not geared for marketing purposes but because of the nature of Borawan itself- having sand as white as those of Bora and the overall scenery alike to that of Palawan.

Another loved gift of Borawan is how it provides an overwhelming view of Sibuyan Sea. Add that up to the sapphire-themed waters, vistas found both on left and right wherever your point of reference is, and cliffs perfect for thrilling cliff-diving, what else could Borawan Island miss?


8. Dampalitan Beach

Dampalitan Beach is also found at Padre Burgos, Quezon. Dampalitan Island prides itself with it being a perfect go-to place for campers! Dampalitan being a top camper’s site, although is an underdeveloped island yet, speaks nothing but volume of must-expect adventures and experiences that are sure to make you forget all the disappointments that’s bottled up inside of you. Moreover, this badge given by its visitors is mainly a result of how this beach is able providing a magical view of how the light meets it forbidden beloved darkness.

Dampalitan opposed to the two we have on the previous, has no white but brown sand instead which is beautifully lined with pine trees. Usually lined with these trees are the built tents of the campers. In addition to this option, Dampalitan’s visitors could also opt for traditional lodgings to which they call as Spartan cottages… still free from the stress and influence of the city because of its lack of electricity. A perfect camping site, indeed!

Early in the morning, you can have a look on the mangrove area which completes your stress-relieving pursuits!


7. Alibijaban Island 


Alibijaban Island is located at San Andres, Quezon. This beach does not focus its pride with the “purity” of how its sand looks like, but instead gears its beauty with its alignment to how natural and life-giving everything in this place looks like. Including in the description said are the food, wilderness, ambiance, the clear blue waters and of course, the people.

For further discussion, food in Alibijaban, which are mainly seafoods, is known not only for its availability but utmost for its budget-friendly prices and freshness. The wilderness is well preserved and taken care of as there are specific areas dedicated only for the preservation of wildlife. In addition to that, the ambiance in the place is paradox themed in the essence that it is simple but elegant- indeed worthy for the hours of travel. Also, its clear waters are nothing but of more emphasis to the already stunning beach. Moreover, the most remarkable thing that a place could have will always end up with the types of people that this place consists of- lucky you, in Alibijaban’s locals wouldn’t let you down.


6. Salibungot Beach 

Seeking for that ever-aspired freedom from all the stress that your work and adulting duties puts on you? Salibungod beach might be the getaway that you don’t just want but in need of, in fact! With the “peace and serenity” tagline passed by the mouths of the people who have visited this place, every cent spent is indeed an inch added to your sanity!

Salibungot beach is situated in Jomalig Island- a remote island in Quezon that are filled not with loud music and blinding lights but chirps of birds and relaxing view and sound of waves. To visit Salibungot beach is to visit your raw self- the one that’s always aching to be one with nature.


5. Puting Buhangin Island

With white sand and lot of caves that seem to be made for thrill and adventure-seeking individuals, Putting Buhangin in Quezon is certainly a must-not-miss beach for you!


4. Binumbunan Island

One among the islands serving as a part of what is renowned as Polilio group of islands, Binumbunan based on the locals, is a perfect place for focus. If you’re into meditating and yogic practices, or maybe you just want to have a place that would fit well your bookworm self while relieving all your stress away, then Binumbunan Island is highly suggested for you.


3. Kanaway Island

Kanaway Island is found next to Salibungot Beach as it is located on the east side of the Jomalig Island. The way to this island might be a bit challenging but what it has to offer to you is indeed worthy. The best takeaway of this island is what locals pertain to as “rippled sand” phenomenon. Walking in this kind of sad is a result of certain luck, if it’s low tide then you can say that the heavens are with you.  If not, then maybe… Kanaway Island is saying to you that it wants another visit by you, precious human.

Also, during low tide a way is paved from these islands to two another islets which are known as Manlanat and Pulo.

Beside from this seasonal pathway, its visitors are also offered the most suited place for picnics- which the tourists can have the most through availing the seafoods sold by the locals.


2. Cagbalete Island

Cagbalete Island located at Mauban, Quezon is one of the most accessible and easiest to each beach on the list. Cagbalete is where both the mangrove areas and dreamy cream-colored sand are sure to take your breath away- removing all those “toxins” within you that the hassle from the city has brought upon you.

In addition to the mesmerizing sand patterns scattered in this paradise, Cagbalete also prides itself with an almost untouched biodiversity!

1. Minasawa Island 

Now who among you loves birds? If you’re fond of these aves and amazed on how beautifully their aerial skills are then Minasawa Island might be that beach well-suited to satisfy if not significantly deepen your longing.

Minasawa Island is situated at Burdeos, Quezon. Here, you are allowed to watch and take photos of them- as many rolls of film as you want! Lastly, what makes this birdwatching completely insane is how you are ough to enjoy the view while touching the softest and most calming form of earth’s ground which then is the sandy shore of Minasawa.











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