If you’re in need of enough valid and convincing reasons why Philippines is a must visit for you, then here you go! Whether it is for a planned tourist visit or maybe, who knows, a permanent stay, we’ve got your back covered.

Brace yourselves and be prepared to have the Philippines unveiled.

This list is divided into four sections, Philippines in the view of (1) its people, of (2) the things you could do in here, of (3) the places you can find only in here, and (4) some random reasons why the country is worth the consideration.




  1. Fluent in English

Even in the earliest memories of almost all Filipinos, learning English is undoubtedly already in there. If not- as it is in the case of those who were not able to access formal education, with the internet we have now and their natural gift for interaction, everyone now can understand as well as relay the information needed.

What’s the good thing in this? It’s that whatever nationality you possess, all it takes is a simple knowledge in English (which is a very common medium worldwide) for you to be able to connect with people and get the information you needed or go and get to know them!


  1. Great Communicators

If some cases that yes, you speak English but there are certain barriers that still exists, you’re still not to worry because when it comes to communication, Filipinos are certainly creative! They use their gestures in a way that could be universally understood- and thy use all means possible! In pointing directions, do not only look at their fingers bit as well as in their lips- they utilize even this one to direct those who are asking them.

Also, check their eyebrows, it’s an easy spot to know if the answer to your question’s a yes!


  1. Surprisingly Friendly

There are no other place in the world other than the Philippines where you can find people being such friendly for their tourists. Greetings almost and accommodating stares everywhere! And if they are locals of the place and in case that you’re not that confident in the places you should go, with the right approach, you can have what you wanted even in just few minutes of chit-chat… well-explained and enthusiastically elaborated!


  1. Great Singers

If you’re not convinced enough with the Filipino singers bringing home the bacon not only in Asian but as well as on Western well-known competitions for showcasing of talents, then you’ve got to be here and witness it for yourself.


  1. Your To-Go Source of Joy

Even though there’s a city in the Philippines that owns the title “City of Smiles”, we know that every Filipinos own that kind of quality- always brightly smiling! Which could make the people around them be positively affected by the vibrant aura that they emit!


  1. Insanely Romantics!

One thing that are common within almost all Filipinos is their inevitable expressiveness when it comes to their sweet side- yes, there’s even a thing which we call as the “Hugot Culture”. Anyway, did you go to the Philippines carrying a broken heart? Well, go and approach a Pinoy or Pinay, they surely have something to say to that!


  1. Also, Cheesy

Related to them being sweet and all, Filipinos are also cheesy. In fact, they could weave out words for proposing one’s affection out of anything- sometimes, even from gross stuff! Creative, eh.


  1. Bearers of Resilient Soul

We said that Filipinos are smiling ones, but now the question is, “until when?”. Well, Filipinos are filled with resiliency that they can still stand up and openly express their hope for a new tomorrow by smiling amidst being in a very horrible and frustrating situation. Possibly the teachers of life that the world needs.


  1. Hospitable

In other countries, what’s common is, the tourists are the ones who should go the extra mile and adjust to everything that is in the place- from language, actions, to culture. But in the Philippines, it is the Filipinos, with their very warm acceptance- their hospitability, Filipinos are the ones who would do their best to make things work out for you and make sure you’ll be having nothing but the best of stay you could have!

What about that, huh?


  1. A Family

If you’re in for it, Philippines could always be a home for anyone who’s willing enough to embrace and be embraced by the familial love that are emitted naturally be almost everyone here.


  1. Party-Lovers

Look at their list of festivals, you’ll be amazed.


  1. Feed You Well

Because Filipinos are hospitable, they are sure to feed you whatever’s best they have, and they could possibly have on their table! Surely, you’ll gain not only love from them but as well as, good amount of weight!


  1. Very Much Optimistic

Although there are many reasons to cling to the darkness of the other side of reality, Filipino chooses to always find the lighter side of the story. And if you’ll have enough time with them, you’ll surely be able to adapt this kind of attitude as well.


  1. Highly Empathetic

Filipinos don’t even need to say they care, because for most cases, they always already do. This nature is one of the backbones of their resiliency- because of having a support system that are always ready to symphatize and emphatize with them, there is nothing that they cannot go through and eventually, overcome.


  1. Helpful

In Philippines, you’ll never get lost. As long as you’ve got the courage to ask a Filipino out for directions and/or instructions, you’re all good to go. They are always ready to give a helping hand to anyone, they would even offer it to you sometimes even before asking for it. They also have instincts such as.


  1. Will Teach You How They Speak

There are no certainties, but it seems that Filipinos are very thrilled hearing foreigners in the their place being actually able to speak their language! That is why they are always interested in sharing you how they speak. Maybe, it is also sourced from the other characteristics we have already stated such as they are a family- and what’s a family without a connection?


  1. Interactive

Filipinos, from the kids to the older ones, are all interested in what you’ve got to share- what is your story, what are your plans, why are you in their place. They are easily invested in people’s being which makes them highly interactive.



  1. Experience the Spirit of Christmas As Early As September!

In the Philippines, Christmas is felt as early as when the cold season brought by the ber-months start! This spirit of Christmas is commonly expected by the green and red lighted lanterns in the roadways, Christmas songs in the malls, and children roaming around the neighborhood to sing their carols.


  1. Be in Complete Serenity

Looking for complete peace whether in search for yourself or creation of the new version of it, Philippines, with its many isolated islands would always have a place for someone like you.

Count Bohol, Siquijor, and Palawan in. They’ve got plenty for you.


  1. Bring Out That Night Life

Who loves to party? Well, most probably you do. Here in the Philippines, you are sure to keep that series of night life you’ve been used to. For Filipinos love to have fun and they would want utmost their guest to make the most out of their stay too, then count Boracay in if you’re on vacay and Manila if you’re in the city.

All you’ve got to know is to have your preference and ask.


  1. Do Island-Hopping

There are many options as how you could go island-hopping- not only on the selection for the means of transportation but as well as on what set of islands actually would you like to explore.

Philippines surely has a lot of them!


  1. Drink Fresh Coconut Water at All Place

Because of the innumerable benefits of coconut water, it is really pricey in other countries. But in the Philippines, where it is sourced from, not only could you get it cheap but utmost, you could grab one almost anywhere!


  1. Live Affordably

If you’re a foreigner looking for a completely different but as civilized, progressive, and liveable place as where you’ve been from to stay on for good and one among your concerns at hand is affordability- then Philippines simply might be the best for you.


  1. Hone Your Adventurous Self

Stay in an isolated beach, explore the jungle, camp with under no guidance in a totally strange place and still make sure that you’re safe and you have the perfect hundred chance to be able to go back to your normal life after all of it? Well, your adventurous soul is a perfect fit for the many islands of this country.


  1. Always Have an Instagrammable Shot

Filipinos are a friend not only when it comes to directions but even when it comes to having someone take your photos- and not just the average shot, but a professional looking, good-enough for your IG feed output. Filipinos love doing that for other people. They’ll surely love doing it for you! Don’t hesitate to nicely ask.


  1. Have That “Good Time”

Filipinos are a fan of having “breaks” and giving themselves rewards. That is why if you’ve been exploring places and you want to be in one that would assure you’ll be surrounded by people and events that are focused on nothing else but for the pursuit of giving you that good time, then here you go!


  1. Satiate Yourself with Decadent Delights

Have you ever heard of crispy pata? If not, then you’re surely missing the half of your life.


  1. See A Lot of Bats

Who among you loves bats here? Well, whether you are a fan of batman of just that bat-geek, then Philippines, with its many caves alongside the undiscovered ones, serves as a perfect spot for you. Who knows, maybe you could find a bat that no one has ever found yet? Oh, that’s definitely cool!


  1. Buffet While on Cruise

Who won’t love this kind of luxury? Herein Philippines, with the many things listed that you can do here alone, there are also things that other country boasts for that we also have. One of which is a buffet on board in Bohol!


  1. Dive in the Depths of Horror

Lots of people could claim that diving is their thing. But until what extent do you want to bring your love for driving? Do you want to bring it as far as crashing along with one of your topmost fear? Along with the dead?


  1. Spelunking in the Oldest Caves

If spelunking is your type of adventure, then you are just in the right place. Philippines doesn’t only have enough caves, but utmost, it has more than enough “old” caves that would suffice best your game!


  1. Spring-Hop!

If we have island-hopping, also, with the many cold and even naturally hot springs that we have, you could also go over and take a tour on all of them.


  1. Buy Native’s Hand-Woven Products

It is in people’s artworks that they are capable of expressing not only their talents but as well as sharing their culture and furthermore, identity. That is why, if you’re a fan of understanding the complexity of other’s being and alongside, collect such beautifully and intricately woven products, Philippines, especially Mindanao would not disappoint you.


  1. Conveniently Travel Around Asia

Because Philippines is an ideal location- you can travel in convenience around whole Asia easily. Historically, the same reason why it has been repeatedly tried to be taken over by the leading countries involved during the World War II.


  1. Have relaxing massages, Haircut, and Manicure All For A Few Bucks

Unfortunately for Filipinos, they have a monetary value that’s just deflating more and more into the national market that’s why different services such as those mentioned above seems to come off with a cheap amount.

Nonetheless, you’re all getting it for a great result!


  1. Stuff Yourself with Seafood!

I would not ask who among you loves sea food because who does not? Here, whether fresh or cooked, you could always order for one right in your table! Philippines has plenty of them for those who ever desires to dine- but with a much considerable price!


  1. Get Wild in the Jungle!

How about partying in the middle of a tropical paradise- a jungle? In Philippines, there are this what we call as open openair nightclub. Go and get wild in the wild!


  1. Fly Cheap

Not only that you could fly conveniently, you could also fly with considerably less fee than from those other countries’ ports.


  1. See the Philippine Mouse Deer

Philippine or Balabac Mouse Deer is also called as Pilandok, if you have an eye for nocturnal and shy animals, you should go and try to see if you could have a glimpse on one!


  1. Say Hi to the World’s Smallest Primate

This country has a lot of world-records and Filipinos with world-record bearing titles but one that must top the list when it comes to the scales of being adorable is its and the world’s smallest primate- the tarsier.

Keep the flash off, remember!


  1. Be Mesmerized with The King Eagle of The Country

Philippine Eagle is the country’s national bird- also called with Haribon, has very attractive feathers and considerably large size. Only when you’ll have a look at it yourself could you fully understand why it’s the king among all the flying ones.


  1. Visit Lot of Art Galleries

Filipinos love to create, as well as, showcase their creation. That is why in almost all cities of the country, you could surely find one museum that would draw you in love to its collected artworks.


  1. Have Fun in The Karaoke

Do you love singing? Filipinos are fond of that and it shows well on how they are so in love with their karaoke. Surely, you too will have your share of joy once you sit with them and in front of those seemingly unending lists of songs.


  1. Watch Live Boxing

A fan of sports? Specifically of boxing? Then come and visit Philippines, in cities like Cebu, it is easy to find held boxing matches on the street.


  1. Swim with The Sharks!

This is not a question of how adventurous you are but how much are you ready to put in line your life for the sake of fulfillment… That’s a joke of course, here in Philippines, there are islands that gives you the chance to swim along with the whale sharks- safely!


  1. Be Drunk, But Not Broke!

It takes up two bottles of some of the country’s beer for you to actually spend a dollar- how cheaper things could ever possibly be?


  1. Not Miss Your Party Life

Whether in home or at bars, Filipinos are sure to take good care of your party life!


  1. Trek to a Crater

Not only you could see those terrifying mouths of volcanoes in films but you could actually trek in them here in the Philippines! That’s possible because except from the fact that Philippines is in the Pacific Ring of Fire which naturally give it numerous amounts of volcanoes, lot of them are already inactive.


  1. Reawaken History

If you want to go back in history and be able to realize in your heart how it might have all felt, Philippines has places that would exactly provide you the needed spots for that. Intramuros, Corregidor, Vigan and a lot more- you choose.


  1. Swim in The Extraordinary Lakes

How about “lake-hopping”? There are lot of cities in the Philippines that offers its tourists the chance to go over many lakes but still be at “one” place. Game for it?


  1. Find A Hidden and Unexplored Cave

Although there are already numerous explored caves here in the Philippines, there are still lot of undiscovered ones and if it clicks your liking then why not go for it?


  1. Get A Symbolic Tattoo from the Natives

To get a tattoo is cool. But to get a tattoo from someone who is doing it almost all of her life and with the use of same materials that has been carefully preserved from generations to generations of their tribe is another thing. Here in Philippines, there are many of them!


  1. Do A Lot of Mountain Climbing

Whether you want to climb like the pro that you are or be with your kids as you go along, Philippines have all those perfectly suited mountains for your varying needs!


  1. Challenge Your Gut’s Strength

Do you have the stomach for exotic gastronomic treats? Well, if you have and you’re now ready to take it into a whole new level then almost every province of the Philippines has one surprise for you! Come and get them.


  1. Experience Some Among The All-Year Round Pinoy Festivals!

Street parties, competent dancers and colorful costumes, the best of the town’s food prepared almost everywhere- festivals couldn’t ever get livelier than how it is in the Philippines! In fact, you won’t feel like a guest but a visitor, instead.


  1. Witness an Enormous Biodiversity in Wildlife

Both in the waters and in land, everyone who sets their feet in the Philippines is now bound to testify how much of a hidden paradise this place is. Be one with the wildlife and move a step closer to our co-inhabitants.


  1. Eat Nation-Mixed Originating Dishes

Philippines best dishes, as many of them can be proudly said to be purely of our creation, number of them are somehow influenced by other culture. That is why, if you have a dish you love in your place and are somehow missing it, maybe all you need to do is go search or ask because most probably, Philippines has a related dish for it, if not its another version!


  1. Learn That “Caring is Sharing”

Filipinos will always have a heart for giving. If you have a hard time understanding what’s the value in keeping your hands open for others, then come and live with Filipinos then surely, you can’t live without manifesting such humanistic concept.




  1. A Collection of Top Beaches Worldwide

Philippines has lot of beaches and you could choose among them based on variety of reasons. Whichever is on your top priority, surely, Philippines has one for you!


  1. A Beach For Your Dream Paradise

Many tourists have already testified, and soon you’re abound to- El Nido of Palawan. With the many dream for escapade type of islands composing this place you are sure to find the perfect spot that would fulfill your dreams.


  1. A Beach That’s Heaven for Tourists

If you want to find the place that’s top chosen among other foreigners as well, then Boracay Island is the name for you!


  1. A Beach That’s Eerily Magnificent

Now here’s a completely different taste. If you want one that’s away from the crowd but more with the nature- and the other inhabitants that there might be as well, but stay safe after all, then Siquijor is nothing but the most fitted one for you.


  1. Throw Yourself in the Vastness of Banaue Rice Terraces

Thousand years of hardwork- gigantic manifestation of Ifugao’s preservation of not only nature but as well as, the creativity in their identity. Banaue Rice Terraces is an internationally respected living cultural landscape.


  1. Witness Breathtaking Islands

Alongside with beaches Philippines has a lot of Islands that are worth note-taking for the uniqueness that they bring. Although each of them are considerably mesmerizing by default, they all seem to have something new and different to give to its visitors.


  1. Island for Camping

Looking for the perfect camping spot? Then visit Caramoan Islands, its daunting waves complements your searching soul.


  1. Perfect Islands for Hopping

Well, there are lot as we have already stated but perhaps the top among them we have the Calaguas Island in Camarines Norte.


  1. Must-Visit Island for Sky Diving

Bantayan Island in Cebu! The direction of the wind and the geography of the location itself is perfect for the said functions.


  1. There’s Always A Deserted Beach

With the thousands of islands existent, really, is there even something to question in this?


  1. Visit A Museum Amidst Mother Nature

Now that’s BenCab Museum in Baguio for you. Full of surprises, huh?


  1. Swim With The Turtles

Sea turtles? Yes. They’re waiting for a swim here for you!


  1. “Float” Over Sagada

Sagada is well-known for the tranquility it gives to its visitors. When you’re full of just everything in life, what could be better than to be in the same heights as the clouds?


  1. The Stunning Milky Way Overhead

El Nido always has its surprises, one of which is this- the dazzling scenery in the sky above that would just make you go- “ooohh” and you’ll just know everything you’ve went through just to get to that place is definitely more than worth it.


  1. The Historical Corregidor

World War II. A significant memory for the fight of Filipino along with American troops for the freedom of this nation. A living history that could still give you the same feels.


  1. Mind-Blowing Batangas Shores

Batangas is insanely rich for its waters- there is always a sea to find in almost all its town. And in each is a surreal one- a very good place to self-reflect and have some me-time.


  1. Where Waters are Deep and Green

Seems like a healing water for its earthy color- but mind you, it’s squeaky clean for what it is. Loboc River is loved for this kind of difference.

  1. The Ever-Old Vigan

Unparalleled architecture. From its stoneways to its structures- the spirit of the era it has once mothered is still felt in every look and step at it.


  1. Spend Time Within An Underground River

There are many kinds of river already but an underground made by nature one? Puerto Princesa has it all prepared for you!


  1. Fall In Love With Batanes

In different Filipino movies where the landscape is nothing but a place you could definitely stay all your life on, that’s definitely Batanes. This play has a lot of sites that leaving you not captivated and smitten by its beauty and wanting to come back again is surely a lie.


  1. Stand In The Endless Peaks of Pulag

More than the fact that it owns the record for the highest peak in Luzon, standing on it is like standing in an endless realm of striking and awesome hilltops that’s surely worth every step of the climb.


  1. Demystify the Hanging Coffins in Sagada

Here in Mountain Province, the natives are known for their ritual of hanging the coffins of their dead. Now that’s something new for the most of us- a must see ancient funeral custom, indeed!


  1. Gaze Over Coron Rock Formations

Coron along with its pristine shores has its surprising rock formations, also.


  1. Traverse on Tubbataha Reef

From the moment of its discovery, Tubbataha Reef has already been remarkably recognized by the international community- with its diverse wildlife, there’s nothing left to wonder why.


  1. Spot Bohol’s Chocolate Hills

We’ll never know to what extent could the legends possibly apply but every visitor of Bohol’s chocolatey top would be certain enough to claim that it is such a must-have-a-glimpse-at kind of view.


  1. Bless Yourself With Paoay Church

Another UNESCO recognized place in the country- one among the oldest churches in the country since 1710.


  1. Visit A Historical Tunnel Complex

Rises for an elevation of 300 feet, a tunnel that used to be a bomb shelter during the World War II. In the moment of its creation, as it was dug many leeches had been found and so the name.


  1. In The Falls

The country’s highest waterfall with a view as if you’re then about to enter heaven. Anything better than it? This is what the Aliwagwag Falls in Davao Oriental prepares for


  1. Dive to Death

After the heaven gate-themed waterfall, now we’re down to a very deadly cliff diving- both Cebu or Boracay owns a place for such- you choose.


  1. Get To Know The Home of Your Pearls

Pink and gold pearls that are transformed into different kinds of jewelry can be found in Samal Island in the Philippines. If you are fond of collecting jewelries, the value of your collection might be a little bit more with depth when you’ll have some knowledge on how those shining bits are actually acquired.


  1. Get Dazzled With Limestone Mountains

It’s El Nido for you all, one more time. Many of the coastal areas of this paradise is surrounded by limestone mountains which are nothing but a total add-up to the beauty is already clamored for.




  1. There are 7,641 island- only 2000 are inhabited.
  2. The season is tropical and the climate is just warm.
  3. The country itself is made up of diversity
  4. Different industries and its technology are amidst progressive state.
  5. Even in rainy season, you could find lot of bright and sunny day.
  6. Travel around easily.
  7. Study for less costs- that’s why many foreigners are choosing to study here.
  8. Home for and of the greatest artists, intellectuals, and athletes.
  9. Natural resources are simply- godly.
  10. Its people are “Filipinos”. What’s anything better that the Philippine has except its people?








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