People love spicy foods for a variety of reasons, it’s either this capsaicin (the core element of spiciness) fans are naturally fond of choosing what would chase them off their limits or they simply love the thought of gaining pleasure from ‘pain’. We’re never sure which side has more fans than the other but we’re totally aware that given the choices and observing the factors that may contribute to them being on the list, health benefits are not put into consideration.

“What health benefits do spicy foods contain, anyway?” This question has barely kept ready answers within our mind because of two things. First, who even asks that question for it to have its answers away from the shade of animosity? Next, who cares?

Despite those reasons given, we’re now about to tackle the good side of the “evil”.  For the grounds that, all of you, spicy food-lovers should be knowledgeable of what you love putting in your mouth. Also, isn’t it great to know that what we love, although seems to kill our taste buds in the process of taking it in, is in fact insanely beneficial for our health?

With the given stated accounts, brace yourselves as we are now about to explore the depths and the mystery of spicy foods! Are you rea- well, being ready is nothing but a myth so here we go!


11. Alleviates Migraine

One can experience migraine due to innumerable factors although many could assume that it is more of genetic-ruled. But more than the stubbornness of our genes, there exists a range of unrelated reasons that could serve as the fuel regarding the firing up of that throbbing headache and heightened sensitivity- from stress to hormonal changes for women, oversleeping to insufficient resting, caffeine or caffeine withdrawal, alcohol, chocolate, processed meals consumption, and even sudden environmental changes.

Everyone is at risk for migraines, although women tend to be more frequently affected. Alongside this, there exist different means to pull you out this mild to severe pain but talking about benefits of spicy foods, consuming the said could serve as a quick but temporary way out this misery.

So, how does this “magic” work?

When your body is experiencing any kind of pain, similar to the approach of overlaying a whiteboard marker over a permanent marker writing on board to erase it, you can trick your this painful migraine by eating spicy food to give your brain a worse thing to worry about. If you have another pain on top of already existing pain, all you have to worry about now is the new one.

Well, spicy food is a less concern than migraine, right?

On other words, consuming (considerable enough) spicy foods has the ability to relieve your migraine by its power of desensitizing the already experienced pain meanwhile reducing the levels of reactiveness of the body towards possible further development of pain.


10. A (Multiple) Pain Reliever

After talking about how migraine could be calmed down through consuming spicy foods, here we have peppers taking the seat again regarding other pain-relieving functions.

Except the fact that capsaicin- the core element of spiciness in peppers, serves as a good distraction for the already tormenting pain that the body currently experiences, with the aid of the active chemical found in sufficient amounts in it have the ability to control the pain-carrying chemicals that the body has.

But it must be noted that this pain-relieving technique works only on a direct (physical) approach, wherein direct application on the skin is involved.

The ability of capsaicin to suppress the pain processing works completely once the pain receptors reach the point of peak exhaustion.

This approach is effective to the point that it is utilized by medical professionals- from shingles to HIV neuropathy.

Despite this, be mindful that pain is a way of the body towards communicating that there’s something wrong happening inside. Hence, while it is currently felt, be certain to address the core culprit of the issue.


9. A Weight Loss-Friendly Food

The main problem with foods suggested in a weight-loss program is that they are almost if not totally, is bland tasting. They are so tasteless that occasionally, you’ll reach that point of contemplating the reason why that plate is recommended at all- is it because of the nutritive gains that seem to exactly serve your purpose or because of its ability to drop your appetite?

Nonetheless, hot peppers are here to rescue you. With a single kick of hot sauce, no one could deny how everything could gain colors in a single snap. Making what’s in your plate way more bearable and the other sugary and salivating foods full od calories less tempting.

In addition to saving the flavors, chili peppers also have the ability to increase the rate of your metabolism- in layman’s term, it speeds up your body’s processing of food which leads to a worry-free consumption (that is with the assumption that losing weight is your goal)! Furthermore, more calories are burned alongside generating heat by spiking the start of thermogenic processing in the body.

The consumption of capsaicin, noting its power over suppressing your appetite, is best consumed in the morning. When this is practiced, the regulation of your appetite all throughout the day is then much expected.

Capsaicin also deals with the accumulation of our body’s fat turning into unnecessary fat reserves.

With everything stated and proven, we can now claim a new formula for your weight-loss program: healthy diet + active lifestyle + hot chili peppers on the side = hot bod goals!


8. A Well-Smelling Breath for A More Confident You

There is a 360-degree scheme of how an individual could gain confidence, but this self-esteem could never be achieved without fulfilling the basics- and that’s with the state of the odor of your breath carrying a crucial count.

Now, with hot peppers benefits put into the table, capsaicin certainly has your back with this one. Capsaicin with its disinfectant properties can give you the assurance of a well-smelling breath all day!


7. Prevents Catching of Allergies

Everyone knows that allergy leads to red, bumpy, and itchy skin that’s all irritating and embarrassing at the same time. And no one wants this- no one in the sane condition, at least.

With today’s quality of our environment, more than the existing allergies that we genetically possess, there are innumerable types existent that we can catch- all that’s left to us is the hope that we won’t be bothered by one during the most critical times of our lives, or if we would, at the very least may we have a love for spicy foods in our hearts.

That is because capsaicin has an allergy-relieving and preventing powers that are sure to rescue you from any symptoms and mere acquisition of allergy everyone else seems to be catching.

Hence, if you want an advantage over everyone else regarding your anti-allergen pursuits, then be sure to prepare your hot and chili warriors on the side.


6. A Happy Pill

A chemical well-known for its contribution to an individual’s well-being and happiness is named as serotonin. Together with dopamine, they are labeled as feel-good hormones- basically because they are the hormones that are in the backstage whenever you’re feeling that happiness rushing in your system. Moreover, other than the fact that is geared for emotional functions, it also plays a role in our appetite, motor, autonomic, and even cognitive processing.

Spicy foods may fuel the production of this hormone. Hence, giving you a better step over stress, anxiety, and different degrees of felt anger.

This feel-good effect may also be the reason why we’re still able to survive the buckets of sweat and incredible pain our tongue feels whenever we consume spicy foods! We keep on eating because it’s worthy enough as it unconsciously gives us happiness. Well, that’s just a theory but who knows.


5. Lengthens Your Life Span

We cannot deny it that at least once in our lives, we all aspired to live eternally. But then, we have come to learn that it is impossible as well as it is futile. So, we’re now down to a grade down plead- just to live long enough so that we could experience the best life has to offer. Humans want their life span to be at its utmost potential so bad that taking extensive studies as to how we can lengthen one’s life is a continuous and ever-progressive subject for scientific research.

One among the most interesting findings that research has discovered regarding our topic of discussion is how, on a large-scale study, it had been concluded that regular consumption of spicy food, daily and at least once, could lead to a decrease in mortality rate by a whopping 14%. And if that’s not enough to encourage you to spice up one of your meals a little, then I don’t think anything else would!


4. Fights Off Ulcer

            Capsaicin is an anti-irritant that is able to combat- a claim that is clearly opposing to the many ones you might have already heard in the past. “Spicy foods can make your ulcer only worse.” Others say and are believed by the majority of people. In fact, it sounds logical but not until scientific results set themselves in.

Based on research, it has been found that capsaicin can reduce the acidity, are mainly responsible for the acquisition of ulcers, within our GI-tract or simply, digestive tract. Capsaicin on the side fulfills this function through aiding in the production of saliva and stimulating gastric juices that are needed for one’s regular metabolism.

Moreover, this powerful chemical also is able to relieving one’s upset stomach. If you are frequently passing out intestinal gas, this could also be of help.


3. A Fall Back for Your Immune System

More than capsaicin, hot peppers are also full of what we call as beta carotene and antioxidants. These are active compounds capable of not only supporting the fight of your defense system but as well as, aid in beating down viruses that results in common colds and even flu. In fact, capsaicin can combat 16 types of fungal strains by utilizing its control over fungal pathogens.

Hence, if you want to pay back to your immune system, hot peppers are always there for you,


2. Dispatches Leukemic and Other Cancer Cells

Capsaicin beyond its ability to slow down the growth of tumors as well as the spread of cancer cells is also capable of killing cancer cells, especially the leukemic ones.

If you’re seriously taking this benefit down for you, it is utmost recommended for you to try these hot peppers with turmeric powder and voila, you’ve got a cancer-combatting soup and roasted veggie right in front of you! How could your day be any way healthier than that?

1. Paves Way to The Stroke and Heart Attack Escape Route

Stroke and heart attack are the topmost notorious killers worldwide- contributing to the highest number of deaths worldwide. Good news for you, consumption of spicy foods in regular and sufficient amounts is sure to cause lower possibilities of having a stroke or even dealing with heart diseases.

This functionality works because hot chili peppers can repress the destructive effect that the bad cholesterol which is almost always found in our most loved food, can cause to our body. Also, it causes lower rates of lumping of blood which is a common result of high blood cholesterol levels and lipid deposits. Hence, allowing a better-regulated blood flow all throughout the body, most important surrounding one’s heart.










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