Cholesterol is NOT the cause of Heart Diseases

DO NO HARM! Are you familiar with that statement where the doctors allegedly must take an oath which has them swear to: “first, do no harm”. Sadly, the famous motto “health is wealth” has now been replaced with “profit first”. The pharmaceutical companies, including their scientists and doctors, are not really concerned about your health, they are more concerned about their profit. Drug companies ran their enterprises for profit…not for the health of their customers.


To be honest, I have no questions with regards to capabilities of today’s medical technology. They are astoundingly impressive. Their machines, technologies, and skills for repairing or replacing injured and worn out body parts are amazing. Doctors and hospitals undoubtedly serve an unquestioned need in our society and community, they are also abusive in terms of their power and influence. It could be summed this way: profit comprises their sense of fairness and responsibility.


On the other side of the boat, doctors are necessary. But on the other side, by pushing drugs for profit, by pushing autocratic advises and expensive medical procedures that are unneeded and harmful, and by ignoring real health needs of the public, they are contributing general unwellness to our generation and the generation to come.


WHAT REALLY CAUSES ARTERY DISEASE? (Atherosclerosis = hardening of the arterial lining)

Heart attacks and strokes are generally not caused by problems with your heart or brain, but rather by problems with your arteries. When arteries are diseased they can restrict blood flow, thus, preventing blood and oxygen from getting to your heart and brain. When the artery is blocked, “heart attack” or “stroke” happen. Heart attacks are fatal. Stroke are often debilitating but sometimes fatal. There are things we can do to help prevent artery disease and reduce the threat of heart attack and stroke. Thus, it behooves everyone to learn some basics about this vital but little understood subject.



For almost 7 decades, cholesterol has been blamed to be the primary cause of atherosclerosis ( athero = artery, sclerosis = hardening), typically called heart disease.

In the 1950’s, Dr. Ancel Keys of Minnesota discovered cholesterol inside an arterial plaque he was dissecting. He then concluded in his research that cholesterol was the cause of the plaque, and he published the theory that “heart disease” was caused by cholesterol, and that cholesterol was caused by fats in the diet (saturated fats like animal fats). Dr. Keys theorized that cholesterol piled up in the arteries and plugged them.

Of course, his theory was well-welcomed with an open arms by the drug industry, as well as the natural health industry. It gave them a market to exploit: anti-cholesterol diets and anti-cholesterol drugs!

That’s how cholesterol became an enemy number one and heart diseases became equated with high cholesterol readings. Drug companies loved it and exploited it into an event that creates a sudden increase in wealth, good fortune, or profits for themselves.

Today, anti-cholesterol drugs (like Lipitor, Zocor, and Crestor) are prescribed for nearly every elderly patient. These drug companies funded the studies and research on cholesterol without considering or looking at the negative results and adverse reactions.

Thinking doctors who ask critical questions like “why hasn’t lower cholesterol readings produced fewer heart attacks?” were uninvited to the industry’s lucrative speaking engagements  and conferences. If cholesterol indeed caused heart attacks then you’d think that a drug that lowers cholesterol would cause fewer heart attacks, right?

The cause of atherosclerosis had to be more than just cholesterol alone. Cholesterol could not damage the artery. If it is involved in the hardening of the artery, it could only come into play after the initial or the root problem had begun inside the arterial wall…or after the artery was damaged.



  • Cholesterol not only does not cause the damage, it works to prevent further damage to the site.
  • Cholesterol is vital for good health.
  • A very low level of cholesterol indicates the onset of some serious diseases like cancer.
  • Cholesterol is essential for hormone production.
  • Cholesterol is essential for protecting against toxins.
  • Cholesterol maintains a healthy immune system.
  • Cholesterol is not a fat.
  • Cholesterol is not soluble in the blood.
  • Cholesterol is only dissolved in fats like lipoproteins. (Lipoproteins or fat molecule carry the tiny  particles of cholesterol to wherever they are needed to nourish the cells in the body).
  • Cholesterol does not stick to arterial wall because it is not sticky.



Doctors and scientists have done a breakthrough research on the actual cause of heart diseases and later find themselves suddenly ignored and hated by the establishment medical community and the drug companies. It is so obvious that most doctors and drug companies support whatever makes them the most money! The doctors who tell the truth – that cholesterol has nothing to do with heart disease – don’t remain in favor with the mainline medical industry.

Only the brave and very dedicated have the guts to stand for truth and against the majority. But then, when was the majority ever been right on any subject??

According to the Swedish doctor, Uffe Ravnskov on his written books “(1) The Cholesterol Myths, (2) Fats and Cholesterol are Good for you“, Dr. Kilmer McCully on his research about “The heart Revolution“, and Dr. Malcolm Kendrick on his book entitled “The Great Cholesterol Con”, that a little-known particle called “homocysteine” in the blood plays an important role in artery disease.

According to these enlightened doctors, the cause of the “atheroma” (degeneration of the walls of the arteries) begins as a small infection, like a boil, between the walls of the artery.

The inside surface of the artery lining is called endothelial layer (between the endothelium and artery muscle) where the infection started. The body continually repairs any damaged cells of the endothelium by laying down new cells.

Researchers are unsure whether the infection enters through the blood inside of the artery or through tissue outside of the artery. As part of the conclusion, the infection begins with the artery wall and is not caused by cholesterol in the blood stream. The infection may be caused by bacteria, virus, etc., or by protein elements like homocysteine in the blood which can aggravate and cause further inflammation.

A plugged artery is usually the result of a series of events. Firstly, a plaque or infections is formed. Then the infected “plaque” swells and erupts (like a boil) spewing its debris into the blood flow and causing reaction of red blood cells that then form a clot over the eruption site. The clot is called thrombosis.

This blood clot can then build to the point of plugging the artery or it can break free to float down stream to become lodged in a smaller capillary, thus stopping the blood flow. Stopping the blood flow prevents oxygen from supplying to its intended cells and tissues like the heart and the brain. In the heart, once the coronary arteries are blocked, this can cause a “heart attack”. When it happens to an artery that supplies blood to the brain, it then called “stroke”.

Let’s stop blaming cholesterol as the cause of heart attacks and strokes. One thing is for sure, heart disease (atherosclerosis) is NOT caused by cholesterol nor it is caused by eating fats. It is true however that there are harmful fats (hydrogenated fats like crisco, margarine, or non-food fats like canola) we need to avoid because they can damage your general health making you prone to infections.

Cholesterol and fats do not injure or infect arterial wall. The injury is done by other microbes, homocysteine, and toxins.



It is true that statins do lower cholesterol level in the blood. Your liver is the cholesterol factory of your body. Most cholesterol is manufactured by the liver, whether or not you have it in your diet.

Your liver does not create cholesterol from fats. The liver creates ccholesterol from carbohydrates (sugar, starch, etc). 

Statin drug interrupts the chemistry process inside the liver. They interrupt the chain that converts carbohydrates to cholesterol within the liver, thus creating an artificially low production of cholesterol. If you want to kill yourself, then by all means, take statin drugs. It will interrupt the God-created balance of cholesterol inside your body, and you will begin losing your memory, your nerves will deteriorate, pains will develop in odd places, the use of your muscle will begin to lose, then finally your kidneys are damaged.

Lou Gehrig’s Disease and other nueropathies are the serious complication of those people who have been on an statin medication as their maintenance. Plus, you are more like to develop heart attack and stroke.



These are the lists of things that improve your chances to avoid heart attacks and strokes:

  1. Take vitamins B6, B12, and folic Acid (from fish oils, flax seed or flax oil, and cook only olive oil or coconut oil) to neutralize homocysteine in the blood.
  2. Reduce your consumption of carbohydrates, most especially sugar and starch (the processed flour).
  3. Stop using hydrolyzed oils like Crisco, margarine, etc.,
  4. Eat more green veggies and good protein including good meats and eggs.
  5. Avoid boxed breakfast cereals and pre-processed foods.
  6. Laugh more! Stress and moodiness are proven to be bad for your health especially for your arteries.
  7. Stop worrying so much. The bible calls it worry, science calls it cancer!
  8. Talk more with your loved ones, spouse, children, and family.








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