Lechon Kawali Recipe

This dish is basically made with pork belly simmered until tender and then deep-fried until golden and crisp. Lechon kawali is always a hit with its crunchy skin and super moist meat, every morsel is pork heaven! This lechon kawali or pan-roasted pork is different from lechon. The well-known Filipino dish lechon is cooked in a pit filled with flamed charcoal, Lechon kawali is cooked by boiling then later deep frying a portion of the pig (pork belly usually). If you want to get yourself a lechon without having the whole pig cooked, then this lechon kawali is the best way! This recipe is a lot easier, convenient and yet still delicious as what lechon should be. Try this recipe now!


  • 2 lbs. pork belly
  • 2 tbsp salt
  • 2 tbsp whole pepper corn
  • 5 pcs. dried bay leaves
  • 3 cups cooking Oil
  • 34 ounces Water

How To Cook Lechon Kawali Recipe:

  1. Place the water on a big cooking pot and bring to a boil
  2. Put-in the pork belly then add 1 tbsp of salt, pepper, and bay leaves and simmer for 30 minutes or until meat is tender
  3. Remove the meat from the pot and let it cool down for a few minutes
  4. Spread 1 tbsp of salt on the meat, make sure to distribute it evenly on all sections
  5. We now need to deep fry the meat. On a dry cooking pot place the cooking oil and heat it up
  6. When the oil is hot enough, put the meat in the cooking pot and let it cook until the immersed side is brown and the meat’s texture is crispy
  7. Flip the meat to cook the opposite side
  8. Remove the meat from the pan, let it cool down a little then slice according to desired portions
  9. Serve hot. Share and Enjoy!