The 9 Downside of Using Gadgets: Radiation and Excessive Usage

With the many attractions that the internet has to offer- at best, social media and gaming apps that are well suited and utmost functional when used on a smartphone, it is impossible to resist giving in to using this handy tool as often as we could ever possibly do.

In addition to that, the said together with all the other gadgets that we use, more than for our entertainment is also significant for the everyday matters that we’re concerned with- our top priority functions, whether as a student, employee, or even as a parent. In this age, the utilization of technology in the form of gadgets is not a luxury anymore, but more so, a need.

“What’s the issue that we have here, then?”

With every advance comes the downside. For the glorious wireless and highly useful gadgets, basically we have two- radiation and the temptation towards falling into the endless trap of excessive and uncontrolled usage of the said.

Although the two stated have different nature, there lies in between a common and crucial similarity- that is, if we allow ourselves to stay unwarned and unguarded, it’ll be either a “log out” or “game over” status for our health, may it not be so, but for a probability also in this life we’re currently striving to make the most of, right now.

Knowing what’s on the other side of the coin is just the start of the story. Nonetheless, it would benefit one a lot having the knowledge of what are the possible consequences- for only upon then could he have the fuel to prevent his fate from having such unnecessary encounters. How could you persuade yourself avoiding something if there’s no significant reason to do so?

Acknowledging the dilemma stated above, here we have extensively listed the possible harms that thereby exists and what are the risks that they, in fact, entail.

Radiation and Its Effects

Radiation are wave particles that has resulted from unstable atom is mainly characterized by the ability to spread rapidly in space. It has two kinds, ionizing and non-ionizing- the former then is the culprit in the numerous discovered and possibly undiscovered yet damages in human body. This is because ionizing radiation has the properties of being capable of modifying electrons inside of either a molecule or an atom which then leads to the damage within cell level. Worse, it can alter the composition of DNA- which then is the case for the many issues that we have here listed.

The ironic thing about this is ionizing radiation per sec is not seen as harmful- but the primary effect that it bears, within a significant repetition, is- from simple sickness to the incurable cancer.



Attention span dictates the length of time of one being mentally capable concentrating into doing a certain specific activity alone.

With the fueled fixation to large video screens and the option to jump in different sites and applications easily whenever you feel like it, it is no wonder why our ability- as compared to older adults who have not grown in the same heights of technology, are inferior and is becoming significantly less capable to focus and be resilient at a single task that requires long attention, as time goes by.

The effect of this frequency radiation is not new to us anymore, even during the times where the electronic devices are still featured through keys- there are already reports regarding the said effect.

The thing about this decreasing attention span is, however we like what we are doing, we would find ourselves in constant difficulty dealing with only just that task alone. Hence, may affect not only our productivity, but as well as, our results.

Also, the value of attention span is most crucial for students- for example, during discussion. It may be easy to focus if that subject is on the top of your liking and the professor has unparalleled skills in delivering what needs to be shared so. But what if not? What are the conditions of the learning area, the way the professor at front, and the learning materials are not appealing just as the subject itself? That is when things get really hard.

Finally, the worst part about this is when you are a achievement-oriented individual- you were once very good when you are a kid but when you grew up, you suddenly do not know happened. You wanted to know what happened? Well, this is what occurred:

You became so focused on distracting yourself through what those gadgets could offer that you attention span suffered along the way.

Now, even despite the fact that you know you’re passionate about something, you just know that there’s something missing. Yes, you’re trying, but there’s something wrong that always happen along the way. Basically, that is your inability to focus and to be absorbed into doing what you choose to as easily and as manageably you have done in the past.

Wretched, isn’t it?

Truly. But you’ll know at the end of this reading that this is not simply the end for all of this. You’ve got greater things ahead of you. And we won’t let this small piece- gadget hinder you from such, right?

Right. Then keep on reading.



Radiation and the light emitted from your phone both could cause disruption on both your sleeping patterns and worse, on your quality of sleep. Both of which especially the latter can hinder the production of melatonin- a hormone secreted by your pineal gland to make sure that your body clock remains regular and at is maintained where it is utmost functional.

That is why it is commonly advised- yet is still disregarded by a lot of us, that smartphones together with all the other handheld electronics should be off your reach for at least 2 hours before going to bed.

Your sleeping patterns on the other hand is affected through the brain’s nature of associating light with wakefulness. Hence, may cause you to refrain from sleeping even when your biological clock already is supposed to cause you to do so.

What happens when our sleeping patterns and the quality of it is affected then?

Except that it can lead you to being prone to accidents.

Lack of quality sleep can lead to increased risk of acquiring multiple cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure, high blood pressure, and even heart attack.

This could also cause you to be less intellectually functional- if you think that sleeping is a pain in the ass for your cognitive processes and even development, then you’re guessing it right. Your ability to learn together with critical thinking and analysis are also halted down to the ground every time you choose that another hour for Snapchat, Twitter, or on striving to level up your rank on Mobile Legends.

Another surprising but disturbing specific effect of too much use of gadget is that it hampers your sex drive. With depleted energy altogether with low levels of testosterone, it is no doubt that your libidos are on the ground. Sex or choc-, no. Sex or extended use of your gadgets?

Furthermore, one becomes more prone to stress and even depression.



Although hearing problem develops along with age and exposure to loud noises, it could also be of a sphere of causes- one of which is your most favorite gadget.

Although it is ironic enough that you’re possibly making the most out of what your ear could enjoy in the form of music through that smartphone, yet at the same time, have it as the culprit for ear damage.

Radiation specifically in the form of electromagnetic waves produced by your phone, over a long period of time, is surely a harm for your hearing abilities. Also, knowing the fact that your ear is very intricate, with radiation possibly causing a damage on the structure of your inner ear, it couldn’t get any worse.

The effect of radiation in one’s hearing is so inevitable that all it takes is a 30-minute usage of phone for over 4 years before one would gain these unfortunate effects- notably, the click effect. This click effect is the activation of the cochlear receptor, which are reported to be the most common case for individuals exposed to radiation.



Since smartphones are usually kept close to one’s groin- the motility and quantity of sperms as well as the function and structure of testis are at an obvious risk.

Such effect in sperm cells is caused by a modification in the DNA due to radiation’s nonthermal effect and in the biogenesis of testosterone. In relation to this, semen- which is a combination of the sperm cells and seminal fluid (for the nutrition and lubrication of the former) is also harmed.

Regarding the effect on testis- the culprit is mainly attributed from the radiation’s impact on the leydig cells and worse, on the seminiferous tubules.



Brain tumor is caused by a mass of abnormally developed tissue and has two types. Benign tumor then is the one that is caused by electromagnetic radiation.

Attacking the DNA shape is a proven observation as effect of wireless device’ usage.

The use of phones near the ear or brain could lead to a deep penetration- leading to the decrease of several brain activities. This is to be taken with much consideration knowing that even a single hour usage everyday for a decade and above could lead to the risk of developing brain tumor.

“How long have you been using your phone, already?”



With neurons killed and immune system weakened, higher risk of cancer is associated with the radiation emitted from your phones.

On the other hand, the risk of developing cancer is at its highest level in the cases of children. As they have lesser developed brain and thinner skulls compared to adults, they have the higher tendency of absorbing the effect of microwave frequencies- which then by enough period of electromagnetic exposure could lead to cancer development.


Excessive Usage and Its Effects



With the uncontrolled usage of smartphones, inflamed tendons, joints in the thumbs and even on our index fingers are much likely to be the easily perceived physical affects. Under a long and repetitive occurrence of the said condition, stress injuries could serve as the unfavorable results.

In addition, suffering from wrist pain and inability to make a firm grip are also the other effects.



Keeping proper posture is essential to bone development- hence, another serving reason why we should keep children from the undisciplined use of these handheld electronics.

As for adults, neck and back pain are associated with their poor posture- both of which are considerable effects of the same culprit.



Sedentary lifestyle could be easily encouraged through multiple distractions along varying levels that your gadget has to offer.

Hence, obesity is on its peak chance of acquisition.


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