Pechay in the international realm of terms is better known as pak choi or bok choy which basically means Chinese white cabbage. The stated much-known name arises from the fact that this vegetable was first cultivated in China, but that’s not obviously the case at present. In fact, it’s availability could be claimed to be at its peak backed up by the fact that we can purchase it almost anywhere else in the country. From sidewalk vendors to high-end supermarkets, a sight of pechay, almost all-year round is to be much expected.

In addition to that, before we’ll dive into the unexpected health benefits that it has, let’s have a look at the veggies it is closely related to. This could give us a clue about what exactly is the list of veggies we could run after when we need to maximize the effect of a certain benefit that pechay itself offers us. With no further ado, its relatives are the following: Broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, cabbage, and collard greens.

Mainly, because of its enormous amount of significant nutrients and active compounds alongside the fact that it is low in calories, eating pechay for health reasons is surely a no-brainer. Aligned with that, we’re advising you to buckle up for we’re about to explore the world of pechay-  why you should integrate it into your diet- as much as possible and what are the expectations you could certainly take a grasp on by every bite of it.


Improves Hormonal Balance and Muscle Control

The regulation in our hormones is crucial for our body development, as well as the maintenance of our emotional and mental stability. Hormones, although expresses their most vivid importance in times of adolescence, is in fact at work starting even before we’re aware of the existence of it. From this, all of us could testify to the depth of the importance of food that could stimulate a positive effect on our hormones.

Pechay with its significant levels of phosphorus results to the possibility of the stated function above. Meanwhile, pechay being a good source of potassium is also deemed as beneficial for one’s motor abilities- especially movements that use the muscular system a lot.

Hence, we could say that pechay is a great help to our everyday activities- from making sure that we’re emotionally geared in the morning to equipping us to physical engagements until the very last functioning we’re ought to spend the remaining hours of our day on.


Increases Your Control System’s Efficiency

The nervous system is the most delicate part of our body since it contains the main control organ, which of course is the brain. That’s why although it is not much of common advice, we should definitely spend considerable efforts on making sure that what’s in control is also taken care of.

There are innumerable ways possible to attain this, but not much of them are within your grasp just as how a pechay is. Pechay which could be easily turned into lots of delicious dishes do contains nervous system-caring prominent nutrients including vitamin B6, folate, and even thiamin. With these nutrients going down straight to your system as you consume pechay, you are taking a step away from severe control systems-related diseases and a step nearer to a healthier overall well-being.

With a more efficient control system, you could also gain the benefits of further mental development. That of which of course could be gained when you incorporate other nervous system friendly habits.

Before going to the other benefit on the list, why do you think it is said that you are what you eat? Ponder upon the magnitude of this benefit and you will get to understand that “usual” quotation in a whole new different perspective.


Boosts Immune System

After the nervous system, here we have another system that’s benefited with the help of this green veggie- the immune system! This defense system of ours, as the alternative name already suggests, is responsible for protecting us from all kinds of sickness and diseases. And mind you, their act of shielding us from every day encountered toxins, bacteria, and even viruses are even beyond the kind of arduous you could ever imagine. The cells that are mainly included with this immune system’s said pride undergo a do or die kind of training- those who survive still die at the end not because it is as what’s dictated by their lifespan but because of the act of protecting us. Yes, you’ve heard that right. After they’ve accomplished the function of defending us, they die.

Well, I hope that’s enough for you to consider the need for taking care of what takes care of you with everything that it is.

For that concern, we have selenium-rich pechay for you! With this micronutrients’ ability to speed up the response mechanism of the immune system by the process of putting the T-cells (a white blood cells) into a heightened activation state, the immune system reliability is definitely improved. This type of cell is known as the guard of the body- mainly functioning as an identifying apparatus vs. bacteria and viruses.


Improves Heart Health

From the head to the defense now we’re down to the pumping organ, the distributive organ of the river of life. More than that, we know that in today’s condition of the environment and even the food we eat, our heart is always placed at risk as if it’s the all-time target of everything that is available at present. Mind the fact that the greatest number of deaths worldwide are heart-related. With this crucial role together alongside the worsening condition of our surroundings, taking care of our heart is nothing but a must.

Therefore, it is suggested that our meals should consist of vegetables such as pechay which has the ability to improve our heart health. This function is a result of not only its very low levels of cholesterols but also, because of it contains the following nutrients: Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, potassium, and folate.



Together with muscle control, what assures we’re all set for the different kinds of physical activities from mild to the most strenuous ones is our skeletal system- our bones! But due to aging, certain genetic issues, and even environmental conditions our bones seem to be degeneration-bounded. Well, at some point that is reasonable enough but that doesn’t mean we’ll be settling for it.

Pechay with its calcium, phosphorus, zinc, and iron, even including vitamin K and magnesium is sure to maintain not only the structure of your bone but as well as build further strength of it.



Since there is no known cure for cancers yet, it is important that we are aware of the ways possible how we could prevent acquiring its different kinds.

Aligned with this, you may have already read a lot of articles showing the list of food that could lead you towards the said pursuit and in addition to that (in case those readings failed to include this highly considerable veggie) you also have pechay!

Pechay has its anti-cancer properties mainly propagated with this veggies’ significant levels of vitamin C, E, fiber, selenium, and beta-carotene. These stated nutrients and active compounds, if they would function altogether is sure to cause an individual with a lower risk of most prominent of cancers such as colon, prostate, and even lung cancer.


An Aid Vs. Hypertension

We know that neither high nor low blood pressure is favorable to our body, no matter what the condition of our environment is. But our more concern here is high blood pressure which is also known as hypertension. That’s why keeping our blood pressure on its regulated levels is a highly-valuable aim especially for those who have cardiovascular issues. That is because we all know that heart diseases and irregular blood levels are nothing but a disaster, no matter how “okay” you seem to look like physically.

Gladly, we have pechay! Pechay being a source of a significant amount of magnesium, calcium, and potassium aids in the maintenance, specifically in decreasing the levels, of blood pressure.


Keeps Your Glowing Skin

We have already discussed how iron and zinc are found in pechay. Now, for your information, iron and zinc are needed for the production of one of the skin’s most well-known glowing agent. The c-word. Yes! That’s collagen.

With sufficiently produced collagen working together with vitamin C, your skin, after eating enough pechay and making sure that you stay out of too much sun exposure, is sure to obtain its glowing effect. The coordination of these two technically results to the prevention of the damage that we could gather from our environment- whether we are inside or outside the house.

In addition to the said mechanism, collagen also prides itself with the ability to smoothen our skin and improve its overall structure and texture.


Repairs Body Tissues

Our body tissues are undergoing continuous growth, repairing, and regrowth. Pechay with its levels of proteins and fat could result to repair of tissues followed by the act of regained energy.


Detoxifies the Body

Well, haven’t we discussed it for enough times already? We are exposed to a lot of toxins which results in the need for cleansing. For that concern, let pechay’s antioxidant properties do the work for you! Thanks to its magnesium content!










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