Top 10 Healthiest Alcoholic Drinks + Local Light Beers W/ Lowest Alcohol Content

Life is too short to restrain yourself from the interesting adventures that it has to offer, even from those what the world labels as “unhealthy”- one of the most classic of which are alcohols. Although it is regularly consumed by many, especially once they are entering their adulthood, its reputation is still associated with numerous ill-effects, from the tendency of developing that seemingly irreversible belly to acquiring an increased risk of diseases such as liver or cancer.

But all of us, who had a sip on how satisfying an alcohol could be- know that there’s more to these drinks than just a long-list of harms.

With that being said, to help you have a guilt-free consumption of alcohols, we have made a list of the best alcohols that there are in the market. That is because as much as we believe that drinking in moderation will always serve as a game-changer, good choice also is. With the use of considering their sugar and alcohol content, their nutritive values such as in the form of antioxidants are mainly taken into account.

So, what drink fits your healthy yet living to the most lifestyle, the best? Here we go.

#1: Red Wine: The Pumping Organ’s Guardian

As most of dry wine enthusiasts already knew, red wines, when taken in sufficient amount at regular intervals, could give a beneficial impact to the heart which then appeals not only to those who have weak hearts but more so, to those who wanted to ensure that they’ll be living longer- considering that we’re living in the epoch where cardiovascular diseases atop the rank as for what takes human lives the most.

“So, what’s with red wine?”, you might be asking.

Well, this groundbreaking effect together with other possible health impacts are perceived as the possible contributions of the following:

Basically, this heart related-effect is the result of red wines-contained active compounds in the form of antioxidants namely resveratrol, quercetin, and polyphenols. You may not know what these compounds does to your body in a scientific and in-depth manner, but you could be assured that with these significantly provided in your body, you are creating not only a longer-living heart but also, a better-functioning one.

Also, although red wines are crafted out from sugary fruits, there’s no need to worry about its glucose content since most of it are fermented during the process. Hence, we can be assured that it is better consumed compared to flavored alcohols, as well as, against beers- which then have the most sugar content when talking about this kind of drinks. Obviously, you could take this one in larger amounts compared to beers without bearing the alike worry- but we know a way better on how it should go down on your throat: Sophisticated. Bit by bit. Red wines are just not the kind that are gulped down and right after be giving that table a slap.

Gathered from a study of University of Massachusetts Amherst, another effect of red wine relates to the insulin amounts in the body- which is a known culprit regarding blood glucose-related diseases. With the help of our ‘crème of the crop’ alcohol, it is made certain that insulin in one’s body is maintained at their regular and optimal level.

#2: White and Dessert Wine: Sweet But Safe

Other from red wine, there are other existent wines that has the effect, not exactly as grand as the former, but is seen as equally competent in terms of giving its wise drinkers the health ‘bonuses’.

First, white wines, containing an almost paralleled level of calories compared to red wine and the latter having a notable advantage only in terms of alcohol content means that consuming white wine is as worry-free as drinking the red one. The same antioxidants that can be found in this wine is equally the same as to where it is derived from- dark red berries and grapes. Yum! That’s a healthy dessert for while having a good time!

Speaking of desserts, we have here, dessert wines which although are bit sweeter than the other class of wine we have on the left on the list which are the Rose wines, have the benefits as contrary to the assumption that is caused by the ‘sweet’ impression that it offers.

#3: Champagne: Your Skin-Friendly ‘Bubbly’ Friend

Are you a drinker that is highly concerned with obtaining a good memory as well as a glowing skin? Look no more, what we have now is a drink that not only prevents bad memory but as well as develops it and at the same time, gives you the gift of helping you keep your youthful skin.

Although compared to white wine, champagne which is hailed as the ‘sparkling white wine’ contains less calories to white wine, it doesn’t have the same nutritive value that its comrade has to offer.

Nonetheless, dry Champagne could provide its patriots vitamin C, and also, has lower alcohol content than its size would seemingly possess.

#4: Guinness: An Irish’ Gift

The Irish people has a lot to offer, one of which that would surely add-up in the list of our favorites, is their drink known as Guinness. Considered to have a place in pedestals concerning health benefits, it posses not only antioxidants but also, soluble fiber, and a couple of vitamin B’s.

It is highly possible that you might own a misconception in mind its calorie content due to the drink’s thickness, but mind you, this buffy stuff is nothing but a mere deception that you have to worry not a thing about.

#5: Rum: A Drink for The Brain

Although this isn’t that popular when lined with the previously listed, it has the health benefits that would make you wonder why it isn’t at the first place.

The health benefits of rum in the form of mental improvement up to even controlling one’s anxiety levels is mainly dedicated to it being crafted from sugarcane derivatives and molasses.

Now, that’s a whole new level of benefiting the drinkers. Undoubtedly, a must try!

#6: Gin: Hard Only On The Surface

Are you considering which drink would give you the least of calories? Then this ‘hard-spirited’ drink is what should atop your list. Also, considering the fact of what gin is known for, definitely- you won’t be able to consume much of it. Simply, the best choice for a drinker who wants to be drunk easily.

#7: Whiskey: A Cancer-Preventive Agent

If you’re chasing after the top-rank antioxidant-containing drink that there is, whiskey, as for your information, has more of these active compounds compared to red wine.

Whiskey is a buddy to depend on under a broad category of aid starting from preventing cold up to decreasing the risk of cancer acquisition- which is a direct result of its contained ellagic acid leading to rogue cells absorption.

#8: Tequila: Hey There Sexy!

The main benefit that this drink has is the possibility of being a great help to your goal of losing weight, with its low cholesterol content. Thus, when taken in moderation, could be a good fit body-buddy of yours.

Agavins which has both has the function and benefits that a fiber could offer, are found in significant levels in tequilas. This type of compound is good for sustaining the regular levels of blood glucose in your body.

And the standard shot? We have single ounce (oz.) for that.

#9: Rose Wine: The Lover You’re Not Expecting For

Wine not only shared to give you just the right warmth while spending a good-time with your friend- but as well as preventing culprits related to heart disease, just like the other dry wines, specifically halting down the tendency of developing atherosclerosis.

#10: Vodka: Stay In The Line, Sir!

If you want to make sure that there is nothing else to deal with than merely calories and alcohol content, here goes vodka. Obviously, this is not that much of benefit compared to those others on the list- but surely is a drink that would keep you unharmed and guarded from worries that drinking the ever “sinful alcohol” is usually affiliated with.



Top Local Light Beers “For Health-Geeks But On-Budget” Individuals

As we have promised, since beers are often the most accessible drink in the nearest store nearby, we also had made a list of the best local beers that there is. It must be noted though that these beers clearly do not have much of health benefits. Nonetheless, we’ll never know when you’ll be needing a drink and so here’s the best among the lesser best.

#1 San Mig Pale Pilsen

One-Liner Rating: The unparalleled drink of the past- containing a hip character but a balanced finish.

Alcohol Content: 5%

#2 San Mig Light

One-Liner Rating: With its 130 calories and appealing enough taste, this is among the youth’s top favorites.

Alcohol Content: 5%

#3 Colt 45

One-Liner Rating: Looking for a ‘light’ beer but with a strong kick? With its considerable taste as well, this is a must-give a shot, certainly.

Alcohol Content: 7.2%

#4 Tanduay Ice

One-Liner Rating: The ladies’ beer- not because women have lower tolerance to alcohol kick (that’s never the case) but only because it has the taste that suits well the feminine tongue.

Alcohol Content: 5%

#5 San Mig Strong Ice

One-Liner Rating: ‘Ice-filtered’ beer, not much of ‘alcohol’ taste lurking in both your mouth down to your throat.

Alcohol Content: 6.3%

Now, as you have the list of must-drinks, but what about the must-eat alongside these especially as partner with the local light beers?  As your health guru and a ‘moderate-drinking’ enthusiast as well, I’d give you another gift- a noteworthy list of your pulutan!

  1. Crispy Pata
  2. Bicol Express
  3. Lechon Kawali
  4. Dried Pork Adobo
  5. Sisig


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